All our crops are grown to strict Quality and Environmental assurance Standards and that are Anually
Audited by the company:

The standards currently achieved are:

  • Leaf marque.
  • Natures Choice.
  • Assured produce.
  • Assured Combineable crops.

Potatoes: 6100 tonnes, various varieties for specialist and mainstream production.
Varieties are : Maris piper, King Edward, Red King Edward, Kestrel, Mozart, Estima, Sante,
and Vivaldi. Produce sold September to May. Watch our potato growing process

Onions: 2500 tonnes, Aiming for the pre-packing outlets growing mainly Brown bulb Onions and a
small production area of shallots. Produce sold October to May. Watch our onion growing process

Sugarbeet: 8000 tonnes all for Brittish Sugar. October to February.

Dried Peas : 250 tonnes. Some grown for seed production and for Animal Feed. Sold in February and

Winter Wheat: 3000 tonnes all for animal feed markets. Sold from August to December.


You may see us at work by visting our video pages...

leaf marque

Assured Food Standard